Veneer 3 mm - middle layer spruce - vario

Three-layer solid wood panels – 3L with a veneer thickness of 3 mm are a derivative and novelty of 3L panels due to a different middle layer, compared to the outer two. Namely, they consist of an upper and lower layer, which is made of solid wood – cut veneer, glued across the edge. The middle layer consists of a finger-joint connected spruce solid wood panel / plywood panel.
Choose your perfect/most suitable 3L three-layer solid wood panel from different types of wood – tree species of glued solid wood panels.


3L 3 mm, oak veneer, AB middle layer spruce

Length: 1650, 2050, 2300, 2500, 3000 mm
Width: 1250 mm
Thickness: 20

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3L 3 mm, oak veneer, AB middle layer plywood panel

Length: 2440 mm
Width: 1230 mm
Thickness: 20 mm